ATR 72-600 Specs, Price, Interior, Cockpit, & Photos

ATR 72-600 Specs, Price, Interior, Cockpit, & Photos. ATR 72-600 is a medium sized twin turboprop passenger aircraft made by Avions de Transport Regional (ATR), with its headquarters in Toulouse. ATR is a joint venture between Aérospatiale and Finmeccanica/ Alenia Aeronautica.

ATR 72600 Powertrain

ATR 72-600 is the most current model that is currently being created. The launch of the aircraft happened in October 2009. ATR 72-600 received European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification in May 2011. It began operations in August 2011 with Royal Air Maroc.

ATR 72-600 Engine

The ATR 72-600 is powered by two Pratt and Whitney Canada PWC127M engines. The engine is able to create a maximum thrust of 2,509 kW (3,365 shp) and mechanical power of 2,050 kW (2,750 shp) for each engine. This aircraft is supported by two integral fuel tanks having a fuel capacity of 5,700 liters.

ATR 72600 Wallpaper

Each engine is equipped with a six-bladed Conventional Hamilton propeller that uses electronic controls. All propellers are balanced, the pinner is crafted from aluminum and the engine cover is made from carbon/ Nomex sandwich or Kevlar/ Nomex sandwich construction. Engine intake in Kevlar/ Nomex sandwiches is reinforced with a rigid carbon coating.

Engine air intake, wing front end, and the front end of the horizontal tail side are equipped with a pneumatic depletion system. In the propeller, windshield, and horns are equipped with an electric anti-icing system.

ATR 72600 Engine

The maximum cruise speed of the ATR 72-600 aircraft is 518 km/ hour. The range and ceiling of aircraft services are 1,500 km and 7,620 m, respectively. This aircraft weighs around 12,950 kg and the maximum take-off weight is 22,500 kg.

ATR 72-600 Specs

ATR 72-600 is a high wing monoplan aircraft with a fail-safe semi-monocoque fuselage built from light alloy. Composite materials comprise 19% of the total structure weight. Composite materials feature monolithic carbon structures, carbon/ Nomex sandwiches and Kevlar/ Nomex sandwiches, which are used for the main structure consisting of horizontal tailplane and steering and outer wing box parts, as well as for secondary structures, featuring ailerons, engine covers and covers.

The ATR 72-600 touchdown gear is a hydraulic retractable tricycle type, with Messier touchdown wheels, Dunlop wheels and brakes, Hydro-Aire Crane anti-skid control and Michelin tires. Goodyear tires are optionally installed for operation on unpaved runways. The Magnaghi hydraulic system strengthens the revocation of the touchdown gear and also serves other systems on the aircraft.

ATR 72-600 can carry up to 72 passengers at a sector distance of 300nm (550km). It can carry up to an additional 500kg on MTOW (maximum take-off weight) and MZFW (maximum zero fuel weight).

ATR 72-600 Cabin and Interior

ATR 72-600 can carry up to 72 passengers in a configuration of four aisles behind. Standard configuration features two cargo compartments. The 5.8 m front cargo compartment is located between the flight deck and the passenger cabin and the 4.8 m rear compartment is behind the passenger cabin. The maximum load is 7,450 kg.

The ATR 72-600 cabin is equipped with a quick change kit to turn passenger aircraft into cargo aircraft. The quick replacement kit provides the ability to reconfigure the cabin in 45 minutes to carry ATR special containers using conventional front cargo doors.

The basic front cargo door measuring 1.52 m × 1.27 m can be optionally replaced with a large cargo door measuring 2.95 m × 1.8 m, allowing the aircraft to carry regular load unit (ULD) container devices such as LD3 and 88 in. × 108 in a container.

This kit allows ATR 72-600 aircraft to be operated as passenger aircraft during the day and as a cargo plane at night. Each optimized container has a volume of 2.8 m ³ and can transport goods up to a total weight of 500 kg. ATR 72-600 can carry up to 13 ATR containers.

ATR 72-600 Cockpit and Avionics

The ATR 72-600 cockpit is equipped with a digital avionics suite supplied by Thales. This suite consists of five LCD screens, a new flight management system, new communications, a new navigation system with a global navigation satellite system/ wide area augmentation system (GNSS/ WAAS) and a new automatic pilot for the CAT III approach.

The ATR navigation system is based on the Honeywell Trimble HT1000 (GNSS) global navigation satellite sensor. The HT1000 GNSS system is combined with an automatic pilot, electronic flight instrumentation system (EFIS) and with a VHF omnidirectional radio starting steering guide with distance measuring equipment data (VOR/ DME).

The navigation system is capable of performing all functions related to circle navigation in large circles ‘and allows langsung direct navigation’, flight plan navigation, and navigation to the nearest airport.

ATR 72-600 aircraft are equipped with Rockwell Collins TTR 921 radar for ACAS II. Honeywell Primus 660 weather radar is displayed in four colors on the electronic horizontal situation indicator (EHSI).

ATR 72-600 Price and Purchases

The price of the most current ATR 72-600 aircraft is around US $ 26 Million. Air Nostrum ordered ten ATR 72-600 in June 2009. Caribbean Airlines ordered nine ATR 72-600 in February 2011 at a cost of $ 200 million. The first aircraft was delivered in November 2011.

ATR received a $ 680 million purchase from GE Capital Aviation Services in June 2011 to supply 15 ATR 72-600 (plus 15 optional). Air Lease Corporation ordered two ATR 72-600 in September 2011 with deliveries starting from 2013. UNI Air ordered ten ATR 72-600 in the same month.

ATR was granted a $ 270 million arrangement by Air New Zealand Airliner in October 2011 to supply seven ATR 72-600 (plus five options). Deliveries began in October 2012 and completed in 2016. Skywest Airlines ordered five ATR 72-600 aircraft in December 2011 with deliveries in 2014.

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