MVP Aero Model 3 Specs, Price, Interior, Cockpit, & Photos

MVP Aero Model 3 Specs, Price, Interior, Cockpit, & Photos. MVP Aero Model 3 is actually a two-seat amphibious light sport aircraft (LSA) designed and developed by MVP Aero Inc. of Delaware, US. This plane may be ground, air, water and snow. The first prototype of the Model 3 seaplane was actually first introduced at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in 2014. This aircraft is actually being actually developed for the category of special light sport aircraft (S-LSA), and experimental light sport aircraft (E-LSA). MVP Aero began production of Model 3 aircraft in the US in collaboration with its critical partner Glasair Aviation and Fibercraft.

MVP Aero Model 3 Concept

MVP Aero Model 3 Engine and Performance

The MVP Aero Model 3 is actually powered by a Rotax 914 engine that produces around 115 h of power. It has a fuel capacity of 26 gal alongside additional tank facilities. The aircraft can fly with a maximum cruise speed of 193 km/ h at sea level and stall speed of 76 km/ h with full flaps. It has a maximum climbing rate of 1,000 fpm at sea level. It carries a useful load of 450 lb and has a wing loading capacity of 54 kg/ m ².

MVP Aero Model 3 Specs

The Model 3 aircraft was actually designed by Mike Van Staagen and produced by MVP Aero. The fuselage is actually built using carbon and glass composites. Fabric-coated wing construction provides light weight and strength. Overall, the dimensions of the aircraft include a length of 7.24 m in the extended wing position and 8.1 m when the wings are actually folded. The wingspan is actually 10.97 m in the open position and 2.44 m in width when the wings are actually folded.

MVP Aero Model 3 Redesign

The aircraft is actually equipped with re-positioned gears with standard airframe emergency parachutes and two specially designed high lift airfoils. The aircraft has manually folded wings and is actually able to land on land or water. This may be transformed into a versatile floating platform.

MVP Aero Model 3 Cockpit and Avionics

MVP Aero Model 3 has a glass canopy that fully covers the cockpit seat. The canopy moves up and back on the four-rod link, which is actually positioned above the machine pole. Pilots and passengers can move from the cockpit to the tail on the catwalk. The Model 3 aircraft cockpit is actually equipped with an instrument board that has a standalone pod to provide protection from water droplets from swimwear and flip-flops. It also includes four hinged folding doors on the front deck.

MVP Aero Model 3 Wallpaper

MVP Aero Model 3 Cabin and Interior

The MVP Aero Model 3 cabin has a 1.17 m cabin width that can accommodate one pilot and one passenger. The aircraft seat could be removed and placed on the nose of the aircraft when relaxing or fishing. It has a flat floor from the bow to the rear of the trunk, which is actually adequate for two people to lie on. passengers can also sleep with a hammock that could be stretched between the engine pole and tail.

MVP Aero Model 3 Price

The price of the MVP Aero Model 3 amphibious light sport aircraft is actually around US $ 189,000.

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