ATEC 322 Faeta Specs, Price, Interior, Cockpit, & Photos

ATEC 322 Faeta Specs, Price, Interior, Cockpit, & Photos. ATEC 322 Faeta is a two-seater light sport aircraft (LSA) designed and developed by ATEC, Czech Republic. This aircraft could be used by flight training camp, couples, pilots and retired pilots. The aircraft underwent flight tests in October 2015 and awaits shipping in the S-LSA category to US distributors.

ATEC 322 Faeta Price

ATEC 322 Faeta Engine and Performance

The ATEC 322 Faeta aircraft is powered by a Rotax 912iS sport engine that produces an output power of 100 hp. The engine moves a two-bladed or three-bladed propeller that could be fixed, adjusted to the ground or could be adjusted in flight with manual or electric controls. The engine mount is welded with high quality chrome moly thin-walled steel tubes (CrMo). It has a fuel tank with a maximum capacity of 26.4 US gal (2 x 50 l).

The ATEC 322 Faeta aircraft can fly with a cruise speed of 211 km/ h and a maximum speed of 235 km/ h. The minimum speeds and aircraft kiosk speeds are 79 km/ h and 60 km/ h, respectively. It has a maximum flight range of 2,000 km (1,080 nm) and a climbing rate of 7.5 m/ s. The aircraft has an empty weight of 300 kg, and a maximum takeoff weight (MToW) of 582 kg with a payload capacity of up to 172 kg.

ATEC 322 Faeta Redesign

ATEC 322 Faeta Specs

ATEC 322 Faeta was built located on the design and form of ATEC 122 Zephyr. The aircraft’s wings are created of carbon fiber sandwich shells, the wing spars are helped make of hard beech-coated saturated with synthetic resin and the tail unit is produced of all-composite material. The wing backs down with an angle of 5.5 °. Flaps, hinges, slots, Pitot tube enclosures, and wing tips were developed using a computer-aided design to get minimum airdrag.

The ATEC 322 Faeta tail unit has a T-shaped construction with a tapered horizontal tailplane, fix stabilizer, and elevator. The aircraft engine compartment is separated from the cabin by a firewall. This aircraft has a small window above the baggage compartment on both sides of the fuselage. It was also equipped with a modern USH 600 rescue system. Overall dimensions of the aircraft include a length of 6.2 m, 2 m high, 9.6 m wingspan, 2.4 m tail span and 2 m wheelbase.

ATEC 322 Faeta Pictures

The ATEC 322 Faeta aircraft has a fixed three-wheel landing gear and a steerable nose wheel. The main wheels are equipped with a pair of composite leaf springs and hydraulic brakes. The front legs of the landing gear are constructed with composites and rubber springs that can withstand loads up to 1,285 lb.

ATEC 322 Faeta Cockpit and Avionics

The cockpit of ATEC 322 Faeta aircraft is equipped with a canopy that could be opened backwards. The avionics suite of aircraft includes basic analog instruments, including a glass cockpit, electronic systems for flight and engine monitoring, and navigation with a 9 in screen. It also includes dependent automatic surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) – already using the Garmin transponder.

Avionics further includes position recorders, three-axis autopilot, and various GPS, radio, and emergency locator transmitters (ELT). It also includes a USB connector, MP3 and movie player. The pedal could be adjusted in three positions, according to the height of the pilot.

ATEC 322 Faeta Cabin and Interior

The ATEC 322 Faeta cabin can accommodate up to two passengers with side-by-side seating configurations. The cabin has two ergonomic chairs with a high-tech nanofiber fabric armrest in a variety of optional colors. The seat holder may be adjusted up or down and forwards or backwards. The cabin is also equipped with air ventilation and heating to improve air circulation for passenger comfort.

ATEC 322 Faeta Price

The price of the ATEC 322 Faeta light sport aircraft is around US $ 150,000.

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