Extra 330LE Specs, Price, Interior, Cockpit, & Photos

Extra 330LE Specs, Price, Interior, Cockpit, & Photos. Extra 330LE is a two-seat electric-powered aerobatic aircraft created and developed by Extra Aircraft situated in Germany. This aircraft was launched at AERO Friedrichshafen in April 2016. The aircraft is equipped with an Siemens electric engine, making the aircraft completely silent.

Extra 330LE Engine

The first Extra 330LE flight test using an Siemens-electric drive system was carried out at the Schwarze Heide flight strip in Hünxe in June 2016, while the first full flight was completed at Schwarze Heide Airport in July 2016.

During the first flight test, the Extra 330LE aircraft reached an altitude of 3,000 m in only 4 minutes and 22 seconds at a speed of 11.5 m/ s, which was officially recognized by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) as the world record climbing performance in November 2016. It reached the highest speed 337.50 km/ h at a distance of 3 km, and was also the first aircraft to pull an LS8-neo type glider to an altitude of 600 m in 76 seconds in March 2017.

Extra 330LE Spy Photos

Extra 330LE Engine and Performance

The Extra 330LE aircraft is powered by an electric SP260D motor with an output power of 260 kW (348 hp). The electric motor was developed by Siemens with support from the German Aeronautics Research Program (LuFo). The motor drives the MT-Propeller propeller directly without using a transmission, and can produce 2,500 rpm at rational speed.

The electric motor has a continual torque of 1,000 nm and a link voltage of 580 v. The motor has a maximum cooling inlet temperature of 90 ° C and an efficiency of 95%. The aircraft’s power is provided by two battery packs, each with 14 high-power Li-Ion battery modules with a capacity of 18.6 kWh.

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The aircraft’s bike weighs 50 kg including air cushion, and has a low power-to-weight ratio, five kilowatts per kilogram, which is achieved using new simulation techniques and sophisticated lightweight construction. The overall weight of the Extra 330LE aircraft is around 1,000 kg, while the average climbing rate is 2,300 ft/ m.

Extra 330LE Specs

The Extra 330LE aircraft is created situated on the Extra 300LP two-seat aircraft. The 330LE fuselage is built with lightweight material and is ideal for 20-minute flights, including takeoff, climbing and full throttle flights for 5 minutes. The overall dimensions of the aircraft include a length of 7.5 m, height 2.6 m, wingspan 8 m, and a total wing area of 10.84 m ².

The aircraft has an electric drive system five times bigger than other systems currently available on the market place, allowing it to provide a means of sustainable transportation with carbon-free emissions. The company noted that the success of the first prototype aircraft flight in a two-seat tandem arrangement powered by an electric motor would make the development of electric-powered aircraft with four or more seats possible in the future.

Extra 330LE Price

Previously, the Extra Aircraft company has not announced the price of the Extra 330LE aircraft, because the aircraft is still under development.

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