Magnus eFusion Specs, Price, Interior, Cockpit, & Photos

Magnus eFusion Specs, Price, Interior, Cockpit, & Photos. eFusion is an all-electric two-seat light sport aircraft built by Magnus Aircraft, a company based in Hungary, in collaboration with Siemens. This aircraft was introduced at the AERO Friedrichshafen exhibition in Germany in April 2016. The first Magnus eFusion flight was performed at the Matkópuszta airfield in Kecskemet, Hungary in April 2016. The aircraft was also cultivated for other categories including ultra-light (UL) and very light aircraft (UL) VLA). This aircraft can be used for interference recovery training with low operating expense.

Magnus EFusion Concept

Magnus eFusion Engine and Performance

Magnus eFusion is powered by the Siemens 60 kW all-electric system to drive the propeller. This offers a low level of engine noise and minimal operating expense. This aircraft is fully battery powered and has an endurance of around one hour.

EFusion aircraft can fly with cruise speeds ranging from 185 km/ h and 240 km/ h. Kiosk and aircraft maneuver speeds are 64.8 km/ h and 192.6 km/ h, respectively. This aircraft has a maximum range of up to 1,100 km and a service ceiling of 12,000 ft.

Magnus EFusion Concept

Magnus eFusion Cabin and Interior

The Magnus eFusion cabin can accommodate two personnel consisting of a pilot and a passenger in a side by side seating configuration. The cabin is 1.17 m wide and features a glass canopy that will increase passenger visibility to 180 degrees.

Magnus eFusion Specs

The eFusion aircraft was established based on a Fusion engine powered by a piston engine This aircraft has a low-wing monoplane design that is equipped with symmetrical wings, a titanium firewall, and a central part made of chrome molybdenum alloy. The fuselage is mounted with a non-retractable three-wheeled landing gear. Overall aircraft dimensions include a length of 6.7 m, a height of 2.4 m, a wingspan of 8.3 m including winglets, and a wingspan of 10.59 m ².

Magnus EFusion Pictures

The aircraft is also equipped with a built-in parachute system (ballistic recovery system) that connects to the aircraft at three points and protects the entire aircraft in the event of an emergency. This serves to reduce the risk of accidents and improve flight safety. The aircraft has an empty weight of 410 kg and a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 600 kg. This requires a take-off distance between 120 m and 130 m, and a landing distance between 150 m and 200 m.

Magnus eFusion Cockpit and Avionics

The Magnus eFusion cockpit is integrated with the avionics circuit that includes a video surveillance system with an onboard operator task station or a wireless video surveillance system with a ground station control version. It also includes daytime visible electro-optical (EO) sensors with object radar and camera sensors and combined thermal EO sensors seen day and night. The aircraft can be optionally installed on autopilot, dual controls, attitude indicators, night visual flight rules (NVFR) packages, landing lights, heated pitots and leather seat covers.

Magnus eFusion Price

The estimated price of the Magnus eFusion all-electric light sport aircraft is around US $ 200,000.

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