Rans S-20LS Raven Specs, Price, Interior, Cockpit, & Photos

Rans S-20LS Raven Specs, Price, Interior, Cockpit, & Photos. The Rans S-20LS Raven is a two-seat light sport aircraft manufactured by RANS Designs, US. This aircraft was approved due to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under the Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) category in March 2016. This also means the aircraft may have the ability to obtain type certification with minimal changes from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Rans S20LS Raven Interior

Rans S-20LS Raven Engine and performance

The Rans S-20LS Raven aircraft is powered by a Rotax 912ULS engine which produces an output power of 100 hp. The engine drives a three-bladed drive warp propeller hub that can be adjusted to w-HP-L with a carbon fiber spinner. The fuel system consists of a 26 gal fuel system and a gasolator fuel tank.

The Rans S-20LS Raven can fly at cruising speeds of 180 km/ h and never exceed 209 km/ h. It has a maximum range of 937km and an endurance of 5.2 hours. The aircraft service ceiling is 4,420 m (14,500 ft) and the climbing level is 900 fpm. The aircraft requires a distance of 91 m for takeoff and 104 m for landing.

Rans S20LS Raven Specs

Rans S-20LS Raven Specs

Construction The S-20LS Rans fuselage is built using a 4130 chrome-moly welded steel tube. The wing of the aircraft is a combination of aluminum tubes and stamped wing ribs, the leading ends of aluminum sheets and aluminum wing struts. All covered with cloth. The overall dimensions of the aircraft feature a length of 6.4 m, 2 m height, 9.2 m wingspan and 14.1 m ² wing area. The aircraft has an empty weight of 336 kg and a gross weight of 599 kg, and can carry up to 263 kg of useful load. The aircraft’s wing loading capacity is 4 kg.

The aircraft is outfitted with internal corrosion protection, classic steering, and ball bearing control pulleys. It is also geared up with double sided hydraulic foot brakes, parking brakes and braided stainless steel brake lines, and throttles mounted on a single panel. The landing gear consists of 6 in. Hydraulic wheels and brakes, telescopic tunable steerable nose wheels, fully rotatable tail wheels, and buoy attachments.

Rans S20LS Raven Images

Rans S-20LS Raven Cabin and Interior

The Rans S-20LS Raven cabin measuring 46 in. Can accommodate two passengers in an adjoining seating configuration. The cabin interior consists of plush upholstered seats with map pocket and in-flight adjustments with three different reclining arrangements. The seat features three lap points and shoulder belts. The cabin is geared up with a 21.2 ft luggage compartment with a maximum load capacity of 80 lb.

The cabin can be accessed through a 50 in curved door with a gas lifting cylinder to make it easy to enter and load luggage. These are furnished with cabin heat, and cabin air vent mounted on the dashboard. In addition, some additional equipment in the cabin consists of a fire extinguisher mounted on the floor and a wind shield/ avionics cooling fan.

Rans S-20LS Raven Cockpit and Avionics

The Rans S-20LS Raven cockpit is furnished with avionics circuit that features dual control sticks, air speed indicator, vertical speed indicator, altimeter, engine gauge featuring RPM, oil pressure/ oil pressure, volt meter and hour meter, and pedestal compass. It also integrates a Garmin GTR 200 radio with an intercom, a Garmin Aera 550 GPS, and a Garmin GTX 327 transponder. In addition, other instrument options that can be mounted on an aircraft consist of traditional analog, or Dynon or Garmin electronic flight instrument systems.

The Rans S-20LS Raven aircraft is also furnished with a gascolator, electric fuel pump, electric passenger elevator lift trim, canopy cover, carbon fiber cover, carbon fiber wing tips, and AVEO Vega TLR landing lights. The pilot control stick is mounted with an electric elevator trim with indicators on the panel.

Rans S-20LS Raven Price

The price of the Rans S-20LS Raven light sport aircraft is around US $ 119,000.

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