Nextant 604XT Specs, Price, Engine, Cockpit, and Photos

Nextant 604XT Specs, Price, Engine, Cockpit, and Photos. Nextant 604XT is a twin-engine, super-sized medium-sized business jet developed by Nextant Aerospace, USA, to operate domestic and international air routes. Nextant 604XT is just one of the fastest business jets precede. This aircraft was released in 2017 with the Rockwell Collins ProLine Fusion flight and made its maiden flight in October 2018.

Nextant 604XT Redesign

Nextant 604XT Engine and Performance

The Nextant 604XT is powered by two General Electric CF34-3B turbofan engines. The aircraft can fly with a maximum cruise speed of 870 km/ h and climb directly to altitude (FL450). The aircraft has a range of up to 4,524 nmi (8,378 km).

Nextant 604XT Specs

The Nextant 604XT aircraft was built based on the Bombardier Challenger 604. Nextant made several improvements and improvements to the Challenger 604 including a new interior design and range improvement of up to 500 nmi through a program of drag reduction and wing extension as well as modernization in the avionics suite. The dimensions of the aircraft include a length of 20.8 m, height 6.27 m, and wingspan 19.6 m.

Nextant 604XT Concept

The Nextant 604XT landing system integrates a retractable tricycle type landing gear. Each unit is equipped with Dowty shock absorbers. The wheels are equipped with multi-disc anti-skid carbon brakes Aircraft Braking Systems.

Nextant 604XT Cabin and Interior

Nextant 604XT offers the most current cabin interior which includes seating, entertainment and VIP zones. The cabin is equipped with ergonomic features and advanced technology designed for an optimal flying experience. All features contained in the cabin are handmade, including cabinets and tables, and other soft items. The Nextant 604XT cabin can accommodate up to 9 passengers and 2 crew (pilots and co-pilots).

Nextant 604XT Interior

Nextant 604XT Cockpit and Avionics

The Nextant 604XT cockpit is fully integrated with Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion’s newest avionics suite. This avionics suite features more advantages including three large format displays, touch interactive maps with advanced flight planning, synthetic vision, high resolution topography, real-time weather radar overlay, and special use airspace and search patterns for enhanced situation awareness to reduce the workload of pilots. The aircraft is also equipped with a MultiScan weather radar that is able to detect and provide a complete weather picture to reduce the risk of accidental thunderstorms.

Nextant 604XT Price and Orders

The most up-to-date Next4 604XT price is US $ 8 million. On October 29, 2019, Constant Aviation sent 23 Production 604XT with the Next Landing Field Newest Generation. Constant Aviation expects to complete 30 shipments by the end of 2019 with significant guarantees until 2020.

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