KB SAT SR-10 Jet Trainer Specs, Price, Pictures, & Details

KB SAT SR-10 Jet Trainer Specs, Price, Pictures, & Details. KB SAT SR-10 is a medium sized single-engine jet trainer designed and developed by Modern Aviation Technologies (KB SAT) to meet Russian Flying force pilot training requirements. This aircraft can be used for primary and secondary pilot training, and also to improve army and commercial pilot piloting skills. This is being developed for the Russian Aviation Service and for export.

KB SAT SR10 Jet Trainer Redesign

The first trial run of the SR-10 prototype aircraft was carried out at an airport near Vorotynsk in the Kaluga region in December 2015. During the first flight test program, the aircraft’s qualitative performance including certain flight characteristics, stability and control, system operation and equipment were assessed. This aircraft is being further tested at the Gromov Flight Research Center in Moscow.

KB SAT SR-10 Engine and Performance

The SR-10 jet trainer prototype is powered by a single Ivchenko AI-25TL turbofan engine that produces power of 16.87 kN (3,790 lb). The production aircraft are powered by a 1.95 m AL-55 turbofan engine developed by Saturn’s NPO, which produces a takeoff thrust of 3,880 lb.

KB SAT SR10 Jet Trainer Pictures

the SR-10 jet trainer can fly with a cruising speed of 520 km/ h, a maximum air speed of 900 km/ h, and a maximum maneuver speed of 700 km/ h. The aircraft has a maximum range of 1,500 km and a service ceiling of 6,000 m with a climbing rate of 60 m/ s. The minimum rotation radius is 290 m and the maximum rational bank speed is 7 r/ s.

KB SAT SR-10 Specs

the SR-10 jet trainer has an integrated aerodynamic design that allows it to do safe aerobatics. The aircraft comes with moderate wings of inverted strokes which provide greater maneuverability. The main wing is mounted at the center of the fuselage and is swept forward at an angle of 10 °. The overall dimensions of the SR-10 aircraft include a length of 9.59 m, a height of 3.55 m, and a wing width of 8.40 m. This aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 2,700 kg, a normal take-off weight of 2,400 kg, and a normal landing weight of 2,000 kg.

KB SAT SR10 Jet Trainer Concept

The SR-10 fuselage is built from modern composite materials. The aircraft uses gliders to reduce weight and increase resources in the fuselage. The company claims that this aircraft has very low operating costs compared to other jet trainers. The aircraft is equipped with a retractable tri-cycle landing gear consisting of a single wheel attached to the nose and two main wheels under the fuselage.

KB SAT SR-10 Cabin and Cockpit

SR-10 jet trainer is equipped with dual cabins which provide comfort for the flight crew. The cabin accommodates two crew members, namely a pilot and an instructor, with dual control in tandem configuration. The pilot has unobstructed views through a large canopy. It was equipped with a Class 0-0 ejection seat in the cabin to ensure safety for the crew at all altitudes and piloting speeds.

KB SAT SR-10 Price

The price of the KB SAT SR-10 jet trainer is around US $ 8.32 million. The Russian Ministry of Defense has allocated 2.5 bn RUR ($ 34 million) for the SR-10 development project.

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