FTC-2000G Specs, Price, Engine, Cockpit, and Photos

FTC-2000G Specs, Price, Engine, Cockpit, and Photos. The FTC-2000G is a state-of-the-art multi-role trainer/ combat aircraft designed and manufactured by Guizhou Aviation Industry Corporation (GAIC) under the auspices of aerospace and state-owned defense company China Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). This aircraft is an export variant of the Guizhou JL-9 (FTC-2000) trainer/ fighter aircraft, which operates with people’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) and people’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). The FTC-2000G jet trainer made its first flight in September 2018.

FTC2000G Price

The FTC-2000G jet trainer supplies a variety of capabilities to operators and can seamlessly switch between the role of fighter jets and coach aircraft based on mission requirements. This aircraft could be used to conduct pilot flight training, air surveillance, patrol missions, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, close air support, and air escort missions.

The FTC-2000G jet trainer combines training capabilities with attack and battle capabilities to use a strong platform for military forces on the battlefield. It can replace existing second generation aircraft such as F-7 fighter jets, A-5 aircraft, Alpha Jet, and FT-7 trainer aircraft.

FTC2000G Engine

FTC-2000G Engine

The FTC-2000G jet trainer is powered by the most recent generation of state-of-the-art Guizhou Liyang WP-13 engines. The fast forward of the FTC-2000G that may be reached is 1,470 km/ h (1.2 Mach). It can reach a maximum distance of 1,650 km without additional air and fuel supply. The aircraft can stay in the air for greater than two hours while conducting air operations.

The FTC-2000G jet trainer can operate at a maximum altitude of 15 km. This fighter trainer aircraft has landing speeds and takeoff speeds of 210 km/ h and 230 km/ h, respectively. The aircraft can operate at low speeds and low altitudes in high transonic regions. 410 m running distance for smooth take-off and 580 m for landing. It has a normal take-off weight of 8,000 kg and a maximum take-off weight of 11,000 kg.

FTC2000G Exterior

FTC-2000G Specs

The FTC-2000G fuselage design is based on the FTC-2000 aircraft. The wings of the aircraft are mounted low into the extended plane. The stabilizing structure of the tail assembly is mounted on the fuselage in a conventional manner. The sharp nose of the FTC-2000G and aerodynamic features further enhance the aircraft’s performance during strong winds and bad weather conditions.

The landing feature of the FTC-2000G jet trainer is a tricycle that may be pulled with a gear unit. A single wheel is placed under the nose and two other wheels are placed under the fuselage. Overall the FTC-2000G jet trainer has an overall length and height of fixed wing aircraft of 15.4 m and 4.8 m respectively, while the wingspan is around 10 m.

FTC-2000G Cockpit and Avionics

The FTC-2000G jet trainer cockpit accommodates two crew members in tandem seating arrangements. The cockpit is covered by a two-piece glass canopy. Large and transparent aircraft canopies give a clear view of the environment and increase pilot situational awareness. This aircraft is equipped with a modern avionics suite, including modern radar equipment, communication devices, and fire control systems.

FTC-2000G Weapons System

The fighter variation of the FTC-2000G aircraft integrates up to seven hard points under the wings and fuselage parts to accommodate various ammunition. It also features a surveillance pod and electronic warfare equipment to take part in the desired mission. This aircraft may be armed with missiles, rockets and bombs. It has the capacity to carry up to 3 tons of weaponry in one operation.

FTC-2000G Price

The price of the newest FTC-2000G jet trainer is around US $ 8.5 Million.

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