Bye Aerospace eFlyer 2: Specs, Price, Range, & Cockpit

Bye Aerospace eFlyer 2: Specs, Price, Range, & Cockpit. eFlyer 2 is a lightweight electric aircraft with a capacity of 2 passengers built by Bye Aerospace, United States. This aircraft was originally named Sun Flyer 2 which was intended for pilot training missions. Sun Flyer 2 was renamed eFlyer 2 in April 2019. Bye Aerospace began flight testing with new Siemens motorcycles in July 2019 and is expected to receive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification by 2020.

Bye Aerospace EFlyer 2 Specs

The prototype eFlyer 2 aircraft finished its first flight at the Centennial Airport (KAPA) located in Colorado in April 2018. During the flight test, the flight characteristics of the aircraft assessed included speed, altitude, and endurance.

Bye Aerospace eFlyer 2 Engine and Performance

The eFlyer 2 aircraft is powered by a new Siemens SP70D single electric motor powered by six lithium-ion batteries. The aircraft is equipped with a control unit that allows optimal use of battery energy to control engine performance.

Bye Aerospace EFlyer 2 Wallpaper

The electric propulsion system can produce a thrust of 90kW. The eFlyer 2 aircraft can fly with a maximum speed of 250 km/ h and has a flight endurance range of 3.5 hours. The aircraft has a maximum climbing rate of 5.3 m/ s.

Bye Aerospace eFlyer 2 Specs

The fuselage eFlyer 2 has a low wing support design and is made of composite materials. Overall, the dimensions of the eFlyer 2 aircraft include a wingspan of 11.58 m, wing area of 12 m ², cabin width of 1.16 m, and a sliding ratio of 18.5. This aircraft has an empty weight of 662 kg, while the gross weight of the aircraft is 862 kg.

Bye Aerospace EFlyer 2 Spy Photos

The eFlyer 2 aircraft is equipped with a two-bladed composite propeller and fixed tricycle type landing gear with spring suspension. This aircraft offers a longer operating period and is included with the ballistic parachute recovery system. This offers lower operating costs compared to other sized aircraft, which is US $ 14 per hour.

Bye Aerospace eFlyer 2 Cockpit and Avionics

The eFlyer 2 cockpit has an open design that is covered in a bubble canopy. The cockpit is equipped with an iPad to display the characteristics of the motor, battery and aircraft systems. Real-time information from the engine, flight time, location and altitude of the aircraft can be tracked by the Sidekick system provided by Redbird Flight Simulation.

The on-board avionics suite included in the eFlyer 2 aircraft is provided by Avidyne Corporation. With the support of a special instrument panel next generation makes the aircraft more easily flown by a single pilot.

Bye Aerospace eFlyer 2 Price and Orders

The price of the most current eFlyer 2 aircraft is around US $ 349,000. Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology became the first operator to order 20 eFlyer 2 aircraft in 2016.

BlackBird placed orders for the first 100 office four-seat eFlyer 4 and ten eFlyer 2 office aircraft, while OSM Aviation Group also ordered 60 eFlyer 2 aircraft in May 2019. Bye Aerospace received commitments for 298 eFlyer aircraft from unknown customers in May 2019.

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