Bombardier Challenger 350 Price, Specs, Interior, Performance and Range

Bombardier Challenger 350 Price, Specs, Interior, Performance and Range. The Bombardier Challenger 350 SuperMid Jet is made by Bombardier considering that 2014. The cabin determines 28.6 feet long by 7.2 feet broad by 6.1 feet high offering it a complete cabin volume of 1,247.5 cubic feet making it comfy for approximately 8 guests. The baggage compartment can hold up to 15.1 bags thinking your average item of baggage is less than 5 cubic feet. The Bombardier Challenger 350 has an optimal range (not including headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or greater ability) of 4,039 miles and also a maximum speed of 515 mph. Typical names and abbreviations: Challenger 350, Challenger 350, Bombardier Challenger 350, BD-100-1A10, CL-30, CL-350.

Bombardier Challenger 350 Powertrain


Traveler and luggage amounts can substantially impact the performance of an aircraft since minimum runway sizes, variety as well as speed are all impacted by its weight.

Normal guest arrangement is the typical number of travelers the jet is set up to fit 8 passengers, however each jet will certainly have a customized setup to suit an owners details needs and will consequently differ. Interior luggage capacity is the quantity of available luggage which can be stowed inside the aircraft where there will be pressurization and temperature control. Exterior luggage capacity is the amount of baggage space accessed from outside the airplane as well as may not have pressurization or temperature control. Complete variety of bags is the complete number of bags, utilizing an average 5 cubic feet per bags plus 2 cubic feet of space in between bags (pointless space) that you might anticipate to fit in the aircraft.

Bombardier Challenger 350 Pictures

  • Typical passenger setup: 8 pax
  • Interior luggage capability: 106 cubic feet
  • Outside baggage capability: 0 cubic feet
  • Complete variety of bags: 15 bags


Cruise ship speeds vary substantially during the course of a flight, during climb, cruise and also descent. Additionally, there is a speed restriction of 250 knots below 10,000 feet which will certainly impact average rate for much shorter flights greater than longer flights.

Optimum cruise ship is the rate the aircraft can fly at its optimal altitude where the air is thinner. Average cruise ship is computed by taking an ordinary trip length as well as considers the climb, speed limit, cruise ship and descent rates. Long variety cruise ship is the speed required to attain the optimum range.

Bombardier Challenger 350 Interior

  • Optimum Cruise: 515 mph
  • Ordinary Cruise ship: 515 mph
  • Lengthy Variety Cruise: 515 miles per hour


Range varies depending upon the weight of the baggage as well as guests in addition to the called for path length, elevation and also speed during trip.

Optimum variety is the outermost the jet can fly at lengthy variety cruise ship rate at optimum elevation. Seats complete array is the maximum range the jet will fly at long variety cruise ship speed at optimal altitude with the optimum haul.

  • Optimum range: 4,039 miles
  • Seats full array: 3,590 miles


Service ceiling is the optimum elevation the jet can fly. The greater the elevation, the thinner the air which permits the jet to fly faster and a lot more effectively considering that the thinner air produces less rubbing. Greater elevation can likewise make the trip more enjoyable because the pilots have a lot more altitude choices to stay clear of disturbance and negative weather condition.

  • Solution ceiling 45,000 feet

Needed runway size

Well balanced area length is the distance called for to bring the aircraft approximately take off speed and slow it to a period at an ordinary air density and haul. Balanced area length is effected by several variables such as elevation, temperature, humidity as well as the condition of the path which is effected by rain as well as snow. This computation is performed by the pilot in command before every trip to make certain an adequate margin of safety and security in the event a take-off has to be terminated. Touchdown range is the quantity of path called for to land the aircraft at a typical weight and air density and will certainly vary considerably for each and every objective.

  • Well balanced area length: 4,732 feet
  • touchdown range: 2,941 feet


Valuable haul is the quantity of weight readily available after the weight of the pilot, staff as well as useful gas have actually been subtracted. Functional weight It is the fundamental weight of the aircraft including the team, all liquids essential for operation such as engine oil, engine coolant, water, unusable fuel and all operator items and also equipment required for trip yet leaving out functional gas and also the haul. Maximum reduce is the maximum total weight of the aircraft fully packed with passengers, staff, luggage and also fuel able to take off. Maximum landing weight is the optimum weight of the airplane can be at landing.

  • Useful haul: 1,755 lbs
  • Functional weight: 24,180 pounds
  • Optimum reduce: 40,600 pounds
  • Optimum landing weight: 34,150 lbs

Bombardier Challenger 350 is a medium-sized business jet established by Bombardier Aerospace. It is a new member of the Challenger family consisting of several tested traveler aircraft such as the Challenger 300, Challenger 605 and also Challenger 850.

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Bombardier Challenger 350 business jet has cross-continent reach and also can fly up to 5,926 kilometres. It can fly continuously from New york city to Los Angeles, as well as San Francisco to Maui. The aircraft got United States Transport Canada (TC) as well as Federal Air Travel Management (FAA) certification in June 2014. Certification of the Unidad kind Administrativa Especial de Aviación Civil (UAEAC) was recognized in July 2015.

Bombardier Challenger 350 Specs

Bombardier Challenger 350 has a brand-new cabin style that features the best cabin in its course. It includes wing without slat, which integrates much more winglet canted styles to improve aerodynamic performance.

Bombardier Challenger 350 has a wingspan of 21m, length of 20.9 m, as well as general elevation of 6.1 m. The airplane’s maximum launch weight is 18,416 kg. This can carry up to 10 passengers or a maximum haul of 1,542 kg.

Bombardier Challenger 350 has a continuous range of 5,926 kilometres and can fly at a maximum speed of 871 km/ hr. The airplane calls for a take-off range of 1.474 m and a landing distance of 826m. The optimum operating elevation of Bombardier Challenger 350 is 13,716 m.

Bombardier Challenger 350 Engine

Bombardier Challenger 350 is powered by two creating Honeywell HTF7350 engines, from the HTF7000 collection. The engine can generate more drive with lower emission levels. Each engine can produce liftoff power of 7.323 pound, which is 7% above the HTF7000 engine.

Effective compressors set up in the engine give reduced gas intake adding to reduced operating expense. This engine has important systems that can be replaced, which can be conveniently replaced during upkeep. The engine is integrated with a single annular combustor technology for exhaust reduction (SABER), allowing the engine to send out low levels of NOx and also CO2.

Bombardier Challenger 350 Cabin

Bombardier Challenger 350 has the widest cabin in its course, with a size of 2.19 m and a height of 1.86 m. The constant flat flooring design of this cabin can fit 8 travelers in a double club seats design. Optional layout with side-facing cots to suit even more travelers is likewise available.

It has a luggage compartment on the rear end. Each window is 2in taller and provides much more sunlight and also a bigger viewing angle than all chairs. The side step of Bombardier Challenger 350 is equipped with a tilting touch screen to offer flight information to travelers. Travelers can utilize fingertip buttons to access cabin controls.

Bombardier Challenger 350 will certainly include the excellent Lufthansa Technik HD cabin administration system, permitting accessibility to all cabin controls from a solitary device. All cabin controls can be accessed by individual devices with the CMS application.

Each Bombardier Challenger 350 seat is geared up with a multimedia USB port as well as global electric outlet. The multimedia system consists of licensed Blu-ray gamers and also Hollywood films on demand, and two HD display displays for enjoyment. The cabin additionally offers Iridium satellite phones as well as a 3D relocating map system. Galley Bombardier Challenger 350 can be set up to store basic snacks and likewise for complete cooking.

Bombardier Challenger 350 Cabin and Avionics

Bombardier Challenger 350 provides the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 progressed avionics series that incorporates the look of large matrix fluid crystals (AMLCD). MultiScan weather radar, traffic crash avoidance system (TCAS), incorporated flight control systems, synthetic vision systems, dual IRS, flight monitoring systems and main flight displays mounted on airplanes offer much better situational understanding and minimize the workload on pilots to make more security trip.

Bombardier Challenger 350 likewise has an optional SmartRunway function and a SmartLanding system to inform the team when approaching the runway too quickly or expensive. This system enables the airplane to select the ideal path.

Bombardier Challenger 350 is also equipped with an added 36-150 Honeywell power device (APU), an inertial navigating system, and improved place proximity (EGPWS) caution system data source to offer improved situational understanding as well as navigation.

Bombardier Challenger 350 Cost and also Orders

The cost of the latest Bombardier Challenger 350 airplane is the US $ 26.7 Million. NetJets is the companion of the official launch of the Bombardier Challenger 350 business jet. NetJets put an order in June 2012 for 75 business jets Bombardier Challenger 350 and also 25 Challenger 605 with alternatives for an added 175 Bombardier Challenger 350 airplane. The very first airplane was supplied in June 2014. Flexjet authorized a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Bombardier in November 2015 for the distribution of 20 Bombardier Challenger 350 airplanes.

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