Beechcraft King Air B200: Specs, Performance, Cockpit, and Price

Beechcraft King Air B200: Specs, Performance, Cockpit, and Price. Beechcraft King Air B200 is a transportation and dual-turboprop utility aircraft developed by Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC). The Beech King Air merchandise has been produced continually since 1964 and greater than 6,000 of the 17 variations have been sold for corporate, commercial and special mission affairs to greater than 94 countries. The King Air B200 made its initial flight in 1980. Since very first entering service in 1981, greater than 2,150 King Air B200 aircraft have been delivered.

Beechcraft King Air B200 Specs

Beechcraft King Air B200 Engine

The Beechcraft King Air B200 is powered by the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-60A engine, each engine providing a thrust of 1,050 shp. The Hartzell propeller is a four-blade, 239cm automatic diameter feather, a pitch-reversible metal propeller.

Airplane bladder cells and optional fuel tanks on each wing provide usable fuel capacity of 2,460 l. The refueling point is located on the upper surface of the wing.

Beechcraft King Air B200 Pictures

Beechcraft King Air B200 Specs

Beechcraft King Air B200’s maximum speed at 25,000 feet is 540 km/ h and the range is 3,442 km. The aircraft has landings of only 536m and takes off 567m, allowing operators access to small remote airfields. The hydraulically retractable three-wheel type landing gear has a double wheeled main unit and a nose unit that can be driven. The gears are furnished with Goodrich wheels and tires, a hydraulically operated Goodrich multi-disc brake, and oleo Beech pneumatic shock absorbers. The main teeth pull forward and the nose unit pulls back.

The aircraft has been built in civil and military versions. The King Air B200C, which is outfitted with cameras, cargo doors and a special mission system, operates with Greek armed forces. In May 2007, Hawker Beechcraft introduced an upgraded version, the King Air B200GT. This aircraft is powered by the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-52 engine which has a rating of 1,150 shp and provides cruising speeds that increase by 560 km/ hr. King Air B200GT received certification in December 2007.

Beechcraft King Air B200 Spy Shots

The C-12F version of the King Air B200C is a functional support aircraft operating with the US Army, US Army National Guard and National Air Force. The UC-12F, which is outfitted with a surface search radar, operates with the United States Navy. The C-12R is used for aerial and photographic mapping and is furnished with a commercial Zeiss camera system.

Beechcraft King Air B200 Cabin and Interior

Beechcraft King Air B200 has a comfortable and spacious anan squared-oval pressure cabin. The air-conditioned cabin can be outfitted with seven or nine seats. The rear cabin door is furnished with an upper floor.

Beechcraft King Air B200 Cockpit and Avionics

The Beechcraft King Air B200 cockpit can accommodate two crew and is geared up with dual controls even though it can be flown by a single pilot. The aircraft is outfitted with Rockwell Collins ProLine II avionics suite with UNS-1D/ UNS-1K Universal navigation system, ALT-80A altimeter, dual air speed indicator and flight director and optional Rockwell Collins EFIS-8B electronic flight information system with three multifunctional tube displays.

The King Air B200 is now offered with Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 suite avionics as standard equipment. This includes the 8in x 10in primary flight display based on the technology of active LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and multi-functional display with primary engine information, system synoptic, checklist and navigation data – including planning maps, current position maps and headings. Terrain, traffic, lightning, weather radar, and other sensor information can also be displayed.

Pro Line 21 includes: FMS-3000 flight monitoring system (dual FMS is optional), dual flight director, passive-fail autopilot, Global Positioning System (GPS), Positive Heading Head Heading (AHRS) Reference System, dual digital water computer data and turbulence detection radar.

Rockwell Collins (RTU) Remote Radio Tuning Unit provides centralized control of the Pro Line 21 radio tuning. Starting in 2005, the AirCell ST3100 Itridium satellite telecommunications system will be available as an option.

Beechcraft King Air B200 Price and Orders

The price of the latest Beechcraft King Air B200 is US $ 5.3 Million. Five King Air B200C aircraft were gotten by the Israeli Air Force, the very first of which was sent in September 2002.

The British Air Force has gotten seven King Air B200 aircraft for training pilots at RAF Cranwell Military Air Academy. The initial was sent in December 2003. Two more planes were purchased and the very first was sent in April 2008. Three King Air B200SE aircraft operate with Australia’s Royal Flying Doctor Service as an air ambulance. King Air B200SE is outfitted with a large cargo door and an air ambulance interior configuration.

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