Airbus A320neo: Specs, Cockpit, Range, & Details

Airbus A320neo: Specs, Cockpit, Range, & Details. The most effective continues showing signs of improvement with Airbus’ market-driving single-path jetliners. Guaranteeing the A320 holds its status as the best-ever aircraft, the A320neo (new engine option) is the perfection of a few innovative advances conveyed via Airbus’ proceeding with responsibility and interest in the most effective aircraft group ever.

Airbus A320neo Powertrain

Bringing each of the gauges of solace and fusing new engine decisions, streamlined upgrades, and one of the most recent lodge includes, the A320neo Family will present to 20 percent reserve funds in fuel consume per situate by 2020, two lots of extra payload, 500 nautical miles of more range, bring down working expenses, alongside an almost 50 percent decrease in engine commotion and NOx discharges 50 percent beneath the here and now business standard. Additionally, because of an upgraded lodge space and expanded leave constrains, the A320neo suits 165 travelers in two classes or up to 194 of every a high-thickness design.

Airbus A320neo Engines and Sharklets

Assigned the NEO Family, Airbus is furnishing the base change with most extreme advantage, fusing two latest age engine decisions CFM International’s LEAP-1A and the Pure Power PW1100G-JM from Pratt and Whitney alongside the utilization of fuel-sparing Sharklets wingtip gadgets.

Airbus A320neo Release Date

A key supporter of the NEO’s execution is Sharklets which were spearheaded on the A320ceo (current engine option). These 2.4-meter-tall wingtip gadgets are standard on NEO aircraft, and lead to up to four percent decreased fuel consume over longer segments, relating to a yearly decrease in CO2 emanations of around 900 tons for every aircraft. Sharklets likewise are accessible for new-form and retrofit on A320ceo jetliners.

Airbus A320neo Specs


Airbus A320neo Drivetrain

Length (m).
Wingspan (m).
Height (m).
Wing area (m2).


Maximum take-off weight (kg).
73 500 – 78 000.
Maximum landing weight (kg).
64 500 – 66 000.
Maximum zero fuel weight (kg).
62 800 – 64 300.
Maximum payload (kg).
16 600.
Standard fuel capacity (litres).
23 760 – 26 750.


Range with max payload (km).
6 850.
Cruise speed (km/h).
Maximum speed (km/h).
Maximum operating altitude (m).
11 900.


CFMI Leap-1A,.
2 x 27120 lb.
2 x 27070 lb.
Cabin Data.
Passengers (1-class).
Passengers (2-class).
Cabin length (m).
Cabin width (m).

Airbus A320neo Price

The average price of Airbus A320neo is US$ 110.6 M in 2018. Price relies on design weights, engines choice and level of selected customisation.

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