Airbus A220-300 Jet Specs, Price, Interior, Cockpit, & Photos

Airbus A220-300 Jet Specs, Price, Interior, Cockpit, & Photos. The large member of the A220 Family, the A220-300 turned into specially designed and reason-built for the 130-160 seat market, and is a member of the most green aircraft circle of relatives in its elegance. The A220-300 represents the fusion of performance and generation in a own family of jetliners that deliver 10 percentage decrease costs in step with experience than large single-aisle plane– permitting airlines to attach distant points on continents or sectors that had been previously unprofitable or impossible.

Airbus A220300 Jet  Concept

Composite wings are manufactured and assembled at a factory built specifically at the Bombardier Aerostructures and Engineering Services (BAES) site in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The rear plane and cockpit were built in the Saint-Laurent Bombardier Manufacturing Center in Quebec, with final assembly at Mirabel, Montreal, Quebec.

Airbus A220-300 Engines

The A220-300’s superior aerodynamics mixed with specially-designed Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1500G geared turbofan engines make contributions to an plane that supplies 20 percent decrease gas burn in line with seat than previous generation aircraft and decreased emissions, making it a true network-minded jetliner.

Airbus A220300 Jet  Engine

Both contributors of the A220 Family share commonality in more than 99 percent of the line-replaceable units (LRUs), in addition to the identical family of engines– meaning operators can fly both variations and at a sizable cost savings. Flight crews with the same pilot type score, in addition to cabin employees, will experience a continuing transition among the A220-300 and A220-100 greatly reducing complexity and education charges.

Airbus A220-300 Cabin

In addition to turning in quality-in-magnificence economics, the A220-300 has a cabin optimised for an amazing passenger enjoy. The plane’s vast seats, big overhead containers which are without problems handy and upsized windows create an enjoy that offers passengers the consolation of a widebody plane in a single-aisle cabin

Airbus A220300 Jet  Release Date

Like its smaller A220-100 brethren, the A220-300’s configurable cabin offers flex zones, allowing operators to gain from absolutely customisable modular cabin factors referred to as monuments, consisting of stowage regions and walls, primarily based on their precise needs. Offered is the PRM lavatory for humans with reduced mobility, which sets new requirements in area utilisation and occupant privacy with out the need for added partitions or curtains.

Airbus A220-300 Specs


Length (m). 38.7.
Wingspan (m). 35.1.
Height (m). 11.5.
Wing area (m2). 112.3.


Maximum take-off weight (kg). 67 600.
Maximum landing weight (kg). 58 700.


Range with max payload (km). 4 000.
Cruise speed (km/h). 870.
Maximum operating altitude (m). 12 500.
Take-off field length (m). 1 900.
Landing field length (m). 1 350.
Maximum fuel capacity (L). 21 918.


PW1500G,. 2 x 21000 lb.

Cabin Data

Passengers (1-class). 130-150.
Passengers (2-class). 120-130.
Economy seat pitch (cm). 76-81.
Cabin width (m). 3.28.
Cabin height (m). 2.13.
Seat width (m). 0.48.

Airbus A220-300 Price

The average price of Airbus A220-300 is US$ 91.5 M in 2018. Price depends on design weights, engines choice and level of selected customisation.

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