Vans RV-10: specs, interior, price, and cockpit

Vans RV-10: specs, interior, price, and cockpit. Vans RV-10 is a single engine four-seat lightweight aircraft made by Van’s Aircraft headquartered in Oregon, USA. The aircraft made its first flight in May 2003 and began operations in September 2003. The aircraft could be used in a variety of missions including private and corporate transportation.

Vans RV10 Engine

The RV-10 aircraft offers low operating costs, superior performance and minimal maintenance. The aircraft can reduce pilot workload because it responds quickly to small control inputs. The aircraft is equipped with gull winged doors that offer the impression of luxury and futuristic.

Vans RV-10 Engine and Performance

RV-10 is powered by a single six-cylinder Lycoming IO-540D4A5 engine. The machine can produce power of 235 hp up to 260 hp. The engine moves Hartzell’s fixed bladed two speed blades to speeds of 2,700 rpm. The aircraft is equipped with a fuel tank with a capacity of 60 US gallons.

Vans RV10 Wallpaper

RV-10 aircraft can fly with a fast forward of 332 km/ h and a cruising speed of 323 km/ h. The range and ceiling of aircraft services are 1,600 km and 6,100 m, respectively. The aircraft can ride at speeds of 7.4 m/ s. This aircraft has an empty weight of around 689 kg and the maximum take-off weight is 1,181 kg. The loaded weight is 1,225 kg.

Vans RV-10 Specs

The RV-10 aircraft has a low-wing monoplane design which was originally designed as a touring aircraft. Airplane design mainly concentrates on greater stability and payload. The fuselage is made with aluminum, while the gull winged doors are made with composite materials. RV-10 has aerobatic features and a lighter management ability. The overall dimensions of the aircraft include a length of 7.44 m, height of 2.64 m, wing width of 9.68 m, and wing area of 13.7 m ².

Vans RV10 Wallpaper

The RV-10 landing gear has a fixed, non-retractable tricycle that allows the aircraft to land on small airports, grass, gravel or sidewalks with very short runways. The landing gear is built with strong tubular steel. The nozzle mounting tube is connected to the engine mount and the aircraft can maneuver with differential braking. Brakes are mounted to the steering wheel toes.

The RV-10 aircraft has two brightly colored light emitting diode (LED) displays, multi-function or high-speed processing systems and two gull winged doors. The LED will offer high visibility displaying red and green range values. Green is indicated when the aircraft is within range. When an airplane is out of range, the numbers will appear red.

Vans RV-10 Cabin and Interior

The spacious RV-10 cabin can accommodate 4 passengers. The cabin may be accessed through doors mounted on each side of the fuselage. The cabin has ample leg room so as to provide more comfort for passengers. The cabin interior is designed with oregon aero seats and seat cushions to offer the airplane a luxurious feel. The aircraft baggage compartment can hold 45.3 kg and is accessed through the baggage door on the. The back seat could be removed in a few minutes to provide additional luggage space.

Vans RV-10 Cockpit and Avionics

The RV-10 cockpit is equipped with a fiber glass panel with a center console provided by Accuracy Avionics, Inc. The avionics suite installed in the cockpit includes the primary flight display (PFD), multi-function display (MFD), dual battery system, flap control, power breaker, lighted switch, and electronic flight instrumentation system (EFIS).

Vans RV-10 Price and Orders

The price of the latest Vans RV-10 aircraft is around US $ 127,485. Until now Van’s Aircraft has produced 933 RV-10 units and has been operated by various operators throughout the world.

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