Spike S-512 Specs, Price, Interior, Cockpit, & Details

Spike S-512 Specs, Price, Interior, Cockpit, & Details. Spike S-512 is a supersonic business jet that is being developed by Spike Aerospace based in Boston, United States. This supersonic business jet is designed to sail at high speed Mach 1.6, allowing passengers to reach their destination quickly by reducing the travel time currently offered by commercial passenger flights which is around 50%. Passengers will be able to travel from New York to London in 3 to 4 hours instead of the current 6 to 7 hours, and from Los Angeles to Tokyo in 8 hours instead of 14 to 16 hours.

Spike S512 Release Date

Spike S-512 Engine

Spike Aerospace has not completed the machine that will be used by the S-512. The Spike S-512 was designed to fly at speeds above Mach 1.6 or around 1,200 miles per hour (mph). This aircraft will have a fuel capacity that can be used for 40,000 lbs and a maximum range of 4,000 nm.

Designing a plane to reduce its sonic explosion will be a big challenge for the company, because the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has banned supersonic flights from Los Angeles to New York. Spike Aerospace plans to meet FAA requirements before commencement of shipment.

Spike S512 Interior

Spike S-512 Specs

The Spike S-512 will be designed with composite materials, advanced avionics and propulsion systems. The aircraft design team consists of engineers with sufficient experience in leading space companies such as Boeing, Gulfstream, Eclipse and Airbus. The design team has worked for hatching new aircraft designs for the past two years. The first phase of design development included the development of initial designs and specifications for new supersonic jets.

The Spike S-512 will have 131 ft exterior length, 60 ft wingspan and 1,125 m ² wing area. The cabin will measure 40 feet in length and 6.2 feet in width and height. The cabin will be able to accommodate 12 to 18 passengers.

Spike S512 Images

The takeoff weight and maximum landing planes will be ₤ 84,000 each. The base operating weight is 38,000 pounds and the maximum payload capacity is 6,000 pounds. The aircraft will need a balanced field length of 6,000 feet.

Spike S-512 Cabin and Interior

The Spike S-512 will feature a windowless passenger cabin, which will eliminate structural problems associated with airframe construction and reduce the overall weight of the aircraft. The smooth outer skin of the plane will also reduce the obstacles usually caused by windows.

The Spike S-512 windowless cabin wall will be replaced with a super-thin, embedded high-definition video screen, which will provide panoramic views taken with the help of a micro camera mounted on the exterior of the aircraft. Passengers will have the option to dim the screen to sleep or switch to a landscape image that has been stored in the system, avoiding blinding sunlight and using color.

Spike S-512 Price and Orders

The Spike S-512 price is around US $ 70-100 Million.

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