Shenyang J-11 Fighter Jet Specs, Price, Engine, Cockpit, and Photos

Shenyang J-11 Fighter Jet Specs, Price, Engine, Cockpit, and Photos. Shenyang J-11 is a twin-engine multirole fighter aircraft with the ability of carrying out air superiority and ground attack missions generated by affiliated Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC) of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). This is the default variant of the Sukhoi Su-27SK fighter (Nato code word: Flanker). J-11 is operated by the People’s Liberation Army Air Pressure (PLAAF).

Shenyang J11 Fighter Jet Concept

The J-11 fighter made its first flight in 1998. SAC launched the J-11B mock-up in 2002. This is an enhanced multirole variant of the J-11. The company sent the first test aircraft to the China Flight Test Establishment (CFTE) for evaluation in 2006.

Shenyang J-11 Engine

J-11 fighter jet is powered by two Taulang Lyulka AL-31F turbofan engines or TaiHang FWS-10A. Each engine is capable of creating 75.22 kN/ 89.17 kN thrust and 123 kN/ 132 kN afterburner thrust.

Shenyang J11 Fighter Jet Exterior

Shenyang J-11 has a maximum speed of 2,900 km/ h (Mach 2.35) and a stable of 3,530 km. The maximum flight speed at sea level without weapons and external stores is 1,400 km/ hour. The aircraft can fly at a maximum height of 19,000 m. It has a climbing rate of 300 m/ s.

Shenyang J-11 Specs

J-11 fighter jets are designed located on the Su-27SK, the J-11 fuselage is made of titanium and aluminum alloys. The fuselage part integrates the cockpit, radar section and avionics space. The basic J-11 version incorporates components made in Russia. J-11B is built by itself using the same fuselage and equipped with avionics and weapons systems made in China.

Shenyang J11 Fighter Jet Redesign

Overall, J-11 fighter jets have a length of 21.9 m, wingspan 14.7 m and height 5.9 m. The wing area of the aircraft is 62 m ². This aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 33,000 kg.

Shenyang J-11 Cockpit and Avionics

The glass cockpit of the J-11 fighter aircraft accommodates a single pilot. It is equipped with a multifunctional multi-color display (MFD), head-up display (HUD), helmet-mounted sight (HMS) and an original digital flight control system.

The J-11 avionics suite integrates the IFF interrogator system, attitude and crown reference systems, automatic direction finders, electro-optical search and tracking systems, INS/ GPS navigation systems, fire control radars and original multifunctional pulse Doppler radars. The onboard automatic monitoring system includes an early warning system, flight information recording system and emergency situation warning equipment.

Shenyang J-11 Weapons

Shenyang J-11 fighter aircraft are equipped with ten hard points efficient in carrying a variety of missiles, including air-to-air missiles guided by PL-12, PL-9 short-range, homing-infrared air-to-air missiles (AAM) ), PL-8 air-to-air missiles, medium-range Vympel R-77 air-to-air missiles, Vympel R-27 long-range air-to-air missiles and Vympel R-27 short-range missiles and short-range Vympel R-73 missiles missile into the air.

J-11 can also be armed with a 30 mm GSh-30-1 cannon. The PL-12 guiding system carries high-explosive fragmentation warheads for a maximum series of 100 km. This aircraft also carries a targeted rocket launcher and a clustered bulk bomb.

The electronic defense or countering system above J-11 includes radar warning receivers, chaff and flare discharge systems and radio interference transmitters.

Shenyang J-11 Price and Orders

The price of the latest Shenyang J-11 fighter jet is around US $ 30 Million. Sukhoi and SAC signed a $ 2.5 billion buy joint production of 200 Su-27SK aircraft as J-11 in February 1996. As part of this contract, Sukhoi was in charge of supplying components to assemble aircraft at SAC.

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