Privateer Amphibian: Price, Specs, and Details

Privateer Amphibian: Price, Specs, and Details. Privateer Amphibian is a seaplane being built by Privateer Industries for water and ground-based operations. This aircraft was designed by John Meekins and Bill Husa and the prototype aircraft were assembled and combined by Comp Air Aviation in Titusville, Florida. The aircraft was launched from the hangar in September 2015 and made its first flight on 6 August 2018.

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Privateer Amphibian Engine and Performance

The Privateer Amphibian aircraft is powered by a Walter M601 series turbine engine which can produce thrust of 724 hp. The engine moves a constant speed 5-bladed propeller. The aircraft can fly with a maximum cruising speed of 360 km/ h at sea level, a service ceiling of around 25,000 ft and a climbing rate of 2,100 fpm at sea level. It has a targeted fuel range of 870 nmi (1,000 miles).

The aircraft has an empty weight of 3,600 lb, gross weight of 5,600 lb and a useful load of 2,000 lb. It has a wing loading capacity of 19.8 psf. The maximum takeoff range at maximum weight is 1,200 ft above water and 960 ft on land.

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Privateer Amphibian Specs

Privateer Amphibian aircraft are designed to decrease operational impacts around densely populated wildlife areas. The fuselage is built with carbon fiber composite material to make it lightweight, strong and resistant to corrosion. The aircraft has a wet wing design and has a low wing configuration to reduce drag. It also includes a counterweight in the airfoil for elevators and ailerons to neutralize flutter and has two sponsors and twin tails.

The aircraft has a closed propeller design mounted on the rear which increases efficiency and thrust for takeoff and sailing. The shroud blades will also make the turbine quiet by dampening the acoustic profile. In addition, the aircraft is equipped with a retractable three-wheel touchdown gear, which allows conventional touchdown and taxi on the runway. Overall, the aircraft’s exterior dimensions include a length of 43 ft from nose to tail, height of 12.3 ft on wheels, and wingspan of 42.9 ft.

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Privateer Amphibian Cockpit and Avionics

The cockpit of the Privateer Amphibian aircraft can suit 1 person in a single pilot operation. The cockpit is equipped with an instrument and radio panel supplied by Garmin. It has controls with an electro-mechanical design and triple redundant.

Privateer Amphibian Cabin and Interior
The spacious Privateer Amphibian cabin can accommodate one pilot and six passengers. The cabin has internal dimensions that cover a length of 13.2 ft and shoulder-width in a sitting position of 4.1 ft. The cabin can also be equipped with a three-seat bench at the rear.

Privateer Amphibian Price

The price of the most current Privateer Amphibian aircraft is around US $ 1.5 million.

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