Lambert Mission M108 Specs, Price, Engine, Cockpit, and Photos

Lambert Mission M108 Specs, Price, Engine, Cockpit, and Photos. Mission M108 is a two-seats light sport aircraft produced by Lambert Aircraft Engineering, an aircraft producing company based in Belgium. The aircraft’s first flight test was conducted at the Kortrijk-Wevelgem airfield in May 2014. After completing eight months of testing and evaluation phases by the Department of Light Aircraft Association (LAA) British Civil Aviation Authority, the aircraft finally received a type certification and full permission to fly in January 2015,

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Lambert Mission M108 Engine and Performance

The Lambert Mission M108 is powered by a single Rotax 912iS engine that produces an output electrical power of 73 kW (100 hp) at 5,800 rpm. It has an engine displacement of 1,352 cm ³. The aircraft’s fuel capacity is 78 liters for the conventional version and 110 liters for the remote version. Fuel consumption assortment is 12-15 liters/ h.

Mission M108 aircraft can fly with a maximum cruise speed of 170 km/ h, kiosk speeds of 72 km/ h, and speeds never exceed 222 km/ h. The maximum selection of the aircraft is 460 nm (850 km) with a climbing rate of 4.75 m/ s. The aircraft requires takeoff and takeoff distances between 80 m and 130 m.

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Lambert Mission M108 Specs

The Mission M108 fuselage is built using strong tubes. The fuselage has a typical emergency parachute feature and is produced in two versions namely the nozzle and tail dragger. This aircraft has wings that can be folded in less than five minutes by someone. It can operate from a very short agricultural strip (STOL) and includes a steering wheel that can be controlled.

The dimensions of the Mission M108 aircraft include a length of 6.10 m and a height of 2.15 m for the tail dragger version, while the nosewheel version is 1.95 m in height. The wingspan of the aircraft in the folded position is 2.60 m and outdoor position 9.32 m. The aircraft has a wingspan of 11.8 m ², a tail span of 2.40 m, and a wheelbase of 1.75 m.

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Lambert Mission M108 Cockpit and Avionics

The Lambert Mission M108 aircraft has a conventional glass cockpit that offers good visibility. The cockpit is equipped with the Garmin G3X flight display system with 7 “dual display configuration and avionics standards including audio panel and intercom, PS Engineering PMA4000, GPS/ nav/ com, GPS/ com or GPS, Garmin GTN650, GTN635 or GTN625, S transponder mode, and GTX23ES Avionics further includes easy flying, full dual control with individual control sticks, hydraulic brakes, and manual flaps for take-off and short landing.

Optional equipment that can be installed on the Mission M108 aircraft includes the standby air speed indicator and altimeter, LX BU57, standby magnetic compass, SIRS NV2A, backup attitude indicator, RC Allen RCA2600-2 radio, Garmin GTR225A or GNC255A VHF radio, remote measuring equipment DME), and the Garmin G3X autopilot is integrated with the GMC305 mode controller. The aircraft can also be equipped with the Garrecht TRX-1500 or the Garmin GTS800 traffic avoidance system, L-3 Avionics WX-500 Stormscope, and the Garmin Flight Stream 210 wireless interface.

Lambert Mission M108 Cabin and Interior

The Mission M108 aircraft can support two passengers with adjustable seats. The cabin has a width of 1.08 m, and includes a large luggage space with a capacity of up to 40 kg. It is equipped with two hinge doors to the top for access to the cabin. The aircraft has an empty weight ranging from 330 kg and 350 kg, and a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg.

Lambert Mission M108 Price

The price of the most up-to-date Lambert Mission M108 light sport aircraft is around US $ 50,000 to 60,000.

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