Gulfstream G600: Range, Price, Interior, Cockpit, Specs

Gulfstream G600: Range, Price, Interior, Cockpit, Specs. Gulfstream G600 is a new business jet created and manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace, a General Dynamics subsidiary. The G600 aircraft created its maiden flight in August 2017. Gulfstream launched the first complete G600 aircraft at the NBAA (NBAA-BACE) Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, in October 2017.

Gulfstream G600 Drivetrain

The Gulfstream G600 created its Asian launching at the Singapore Airshow in February 2018. The aircraft has not received certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). This aircraft is exhibited along with the Gulfstream G500, Gulfstream G650ER and Gulfstream G280 at the Farnborough International Airshow held in Farnborough, France, in July 2018.

Gulfstream G600 Engine

Gulfstream G600 is equipped with two Pratt and Whitney Canada PW815GA turbofan engines. The rated takeoff power of each engine is 69.74 kN.

Gulfstream G600 Wallpapers

The power plant allows the aircraft to reach a maximum operating speed of Mach 0.925. High speed and cross country from the aircraft are 956 km/ hr and 904 km/ hr respectively.

G600 Business jet can cover a maximum distance of 12,038 km and require take-off distance of 1,798 m. The aircraft is developed to fly at an initial cruising altitude of 12,497 m and reaches a maximum height of 15,545 m.

Gulfstream G600 Interior

Gulfstream G600 Specs

Gulfstream G600 has a long circular body and a sharp cone-shaped nose. The fuselage also integrates the low-mounted wing and empennage T-tail. Both engines are placed on both sides of the fuselage.

The aircraft is made to offer a superior travel experience and a greater level of comfort for passengers. Improved performance features allow it to reach higher speeds and fars away quickly.

Gulfstream G600 is 29.29 m long, 7.7 m high, and has a wingspan of 28.69 m. The aircraft’s maximum takeoff weight is 42,910 kg, while the maximum landing weight is 34,836 kg.

The weight of the operation of the aircraft base, including four crew members, is 23,347 kg. This aircraft can carry a maximum load of 2,708 kg. The on-board fuel tank has the capacity to accommodate 18,929 kg of fuel.

Gulfstream G600 Cabin and Interior

Gulfstream G600 has a spacious cabin with the capacity to accommodate up to 19 passengers. This can be configured to accommodate four living rooms. Cabin design can be customized to include the kitchen forward or back based on customer needs.

The spacious cabin has spacious beds, anchored chairs and large hallways. It is equipped with seven large panoramic windows on both sides. Large windows serve cabin ventilation requirements by allowing natural light to enter the kitchen and cabin area.

The cabin has a length of 13.77 m, width of 2.41 m, height of 1.93 and offers a total volume of 53.35 m ³. The volume that can be used from the luggage compartment is 4.96 m ³.

Gulfstream G600 Cockpit and Avionics

Gulfstream G600 business jet feature avionics suite Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck which is equipped with ten large contact screens that provide air traffic data, environmental data, maps, destinations, and other important information to the crew. The flight deck also integrates phase-of-flight intelligence, which reduces the workload of the crew by listing structured tasks.

The head-up screen is gotten in touch with a boosted generation vision system to project the EVS display, while the on-board synthetic vision system presents terrain-made images, obstacles, runways and approaches to the main flight display, increasing pilot visibility under low visibility conditions.

Gulfstream G600 Price

The price of the most current Gulfstream G600 is around US $ 57.9 Million.

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