Cirrus SR22 Specs, Price, Engine, Cockpit, and Photos

Cirrus SR22 Specs, Price, Engine, Cockpit, and Photos. The Cirrus SR22 is a high-performance lightweight, piston-engined passenger aircraft manufactured by Cirrus Concept Corporation (CDC), USA. This aircraft was launched in 2000, this is an enhanced version of the Cirrus SR20. Cirrus SR22 aircraft are supported by a single engine and are geared up with a parachute designed by BRS and turbo normalization options. The aircraft geared up with ice protection received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification in April 2009. This became the best-selling model aircraft owned by the CDC company. Currently the company has developed the most recent version of the aircraft, the SR22-G3 third generation and also the SR22T version with new engine options and a modern environmental control system.

Cirrus SR22 Concept

Cirrus SR22 Engine and Performance

The Cirrus SR22 is powered by a Continental IO-550-N piston engine. The engine produces an output power of 310 hp to spin the three-bladed Hartzell propeller at constant speed. This aircraft has a climbing rate of 1270 ft/ min (6.45 m/ sec), and can fly to heights of 17,500 ft.

Cirrus SR22 aircraft can fly with a maximum speed of 185 KTAS (340 km/ h). The stall speed is a calibrated air speed of 60 KCAS (104 km/ h) with a flap. The maximum range that can be traveled by Cirrus SR22 aircraft is 1,170 nm with 55% power. The aircraft requires a 348 m Landing Groundroll and a 330 m take-off distance.

Cirrus SR22 Price

The Cirrus SR22 aircraft also has an engine option with a Tornado Alley upgrade turbo. The use of turbo can improve aircraft performance which includes an increase in operating altitude up to 25,000 ft and an increase in turbo maximum cruising speeds of up to 219 ktas, 34 kt higher than the standard version.

Cirrus SR22 Specs

The Cirrus SR22 fuselage has a low-wing monoplan style made of composite materials. This aircraft has a tricycle type landing gear wheel that can not be pulled. On each side of the fuselage furnished with passenger doors and windows tilted backwards. The wheel cover, fairing support and inner edge of the wing are coated with 3M paint protective film to protect paint from scratches. The dimensions of the Cirrus SR22 aircraft include a length of 7.92 m, height 2.7 m, and wingspan 11.68 m.

Cirrus SR22 Spy Photos

Cirrus SR22 aircraft are designed to carry gross weights of up to 1,542 kg. The aircraft’s empty weight is 1,028 kg and the useful load that can be carried by the aircraft is 605 kg. The aircraft has a fuel capacity that can be used which is 348 liters.

Cirrus SR22 aircraft has a ballistic parachute system called the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), and a four-point seat belt with a built-in air bag for pilots and co-pilots. CAPS was designed by BRS in collaboration with Cirrus. This is a solid-fuel rocket motor used, and uses a 17 m parachute. Pilots or passengers can use a parachute by pulling on the overhead handle.

Cirrus SR22 Cockpit and Avionics

The Cirrus SR22 cockpit is fully integrated with the Garmin Cirrus Perspective avionics suite. The avionics suite includes a 12in dual screen (PFD and MFD), electronic environment control system, airway flight planning, keyboard controller, GFC 700 autopilot with GMC 705 controller, engine and fuel monitoring, dual radio communication/ navigation, dual WAAS GPS, AHRS double, and FliteCharts.

The XM radio weather data link has been installed to provide important weather information including next-generation radars, METAR, TAF, AIRMET (pilot meteorological information), SIGMET (important meteorological information), TFR (radar following the terrain), high winds, freezing levels and lightning. A synthetic vision technology that provides 3D images from the outside, helps identify terrain warnings, obstacles, traffic, flight path markers, zero pitch lines, runways, airport signs, and “highways in the sky” or lane guidance.

Cirrus SR22 aircraft is outfitted with a traffic information system that will display a message on a multi-function display (MFD) if there are other aircraft geared up with transponders approaching. An audible warning also sounds when another aircraft is too close. There is also an enhanced vision system (EVS) that uses an EVS-600 camera to detect and display night vision and visible light on the MFD.

Cirrus SR22 Cabin and Interior

Cirrus SR22 cabin has 124 cm width and 127 cm height. The cabin can accommodate 4-5 passengers including the pilot and co-pilot. There are large doors on each side of the cabin that provide easy entry and exit of passengers into the cabin. The cabin interior includes chairs made of quality and durable materials. Special pole positions are outfitted with airbag seat belts. The cabin is also geared up with UV Protected Windows to stop direct UV radiation and increase passenger visibility.

Cirrus SR22 Price and Orders

The price of the most up to date Cirrus SR22 aircraft is around US $ 629,900. In July 2007, PlaneSmart, a professional aircraft management company, announced plans to replace the SR22-G2 fleet with SR22-G3s. The third generation SR22-G3 aircraft was delivered to PlaneSmart in September 2007. To date, more than 5,000 aircraft have been delivered and operated by operators in various services.

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